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About J J


Earlier Life in China

J J , Born in China's Mao time in the cultural revolution period, grow up as a medical doctor for her main carer in a hospital for decades . Nerveless, A sprint of art always living in her blood, She have leaned photography from one of top master in China , and learned painting from her ex husband who is top artist in china . She have accomplished a pro-photographer position in a magazine for years, Beyond, she also worked for 6 years as a TV station health show hostess and director. 


Life in United States

Being  a Doctor , Being an artist. Being  a single mother, J J  make great efforts to continue pursuing her passions , and balance all three jobs of her life. And she has amazingly created her life journey as a rich colors as her art works. 


Skiing dream came to true

 As age 55 , J J filling in love with skiing. First time got on skis on age 55, she never think this dream she could make it. After 2 season , she is unbelievably skiing down to big mountains on square trail in Vail ,  Aspen, Vermont ! Her current paintings is all about Skiing , Snow Mountain!