J J Art Gallery online is created by artist J J who works with medium acrylic painting and photography.

About J J


Growing up in China

J J was born during Mao's cultural revolution period. She graduated at the top of her medical school class, and became a physician working in Sichuan Provence hospital for 20 years.  During her carer as a doctor , she also worked for 6 years as a TV station health show hostess and director. 




The spirit of art always lived in her veins. She learned photography from one of the top masters in China , and she studied painting from a top artist . She worked her way up to become an accomplished  staff photographer and editor in charge of  a magazine for years.   


Life in the United States

She accomplished being a doctor, an artist , and a mother.  J J put her great passion and balance into all three roles of her life. She has amazingly combined eastern and western cultural elements together  to create rich colors in her life  journey.   


J J continue shooting photos during her international trips to exploring the world outside of China, United States, France, Canada, Italy, England, Switzerland, Austria to pursue her biggest dream and passion that  is shooting photo on all top scenery of the world.  


J J expresses her emotions and feelings beyond photography , She also have using acrylic to paints her feelings on canvas , creating large scale piece of art that expressed what have inspired her soal and also they going to inspiring her auditions . J J paints with contemporary style , and focus on how to bring out the natural elements for the object on her canvas with her own unique eye and mind. 


A skiing dream comes true

The first time  J J got on skis was at age 55 at Zermatt ,Switzerland. But her original travel plan was for photography Matterhorn. Once she took gondola to summit , she immediately filled in love with all brave skiers and the sports of ski. She never thought that this dream could come true, but  after then she put great strive on practice it to be succeeded.  After only 2 seasons , she's

unbelievably skiing down mountains in Colorado and  Vermont ! No wonder , Her current art work is inspired by the power of skiing  and the mountains ! 



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